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5 Must Have Accessories for Digital Planning

If you are a digital planner lover then of course you probably also loved digital planner accessories. I know this is honestly one of my favorite parts about using a digital planner. Because it is essentially I like buying stationery supplies! And if you are a stationery lover then you are probably going to love this blog post Where I share 5 of my must-have digital planner accessories.

There is so much out there today when it comes to iPad accessories and digital planning accessories. I am going to narrow it down for you and give you a few of my favorites. However, one of my favorite things to do is to explore and find new digital planner tools and accessories. I love to share them over on my Instagram @digitalplanninggal. You can follow me over there where I share my favorite as I find them!

Now of course none of these accessories are necessarily required, however, they do make a big difference I find in your process while you are digital planning. They tend to make a few things easier and they also help in the aesthetic department, LOL!

iPad Case

First, we have the iPad case. This is essential for me. Not only does it protect your iPad from scratches or if you drop it, but it is also cute and a way to personalize your iPad! I personally use this one from Amazon. This is a great starter case for iPad and is fairly simple. I like that the screen covers folds so that you can use it to prop up your iPad to view it. It also has a nice case for your Apple pen to slide right in!

Paperlike Screen Protector

One of the things that creators struggle with the most when they first get their iPad is learning how to write on the iPad. It can be slippery therefore making it difficult for you to learn how to write on the screen. I personally like to use the paper-like screen protector, also from Amazon, on my screen. These screen protectors give it a matte paper-like feel when you're writing on the iPad. Not only does it make it easier to write on, but it also feels more natural than the iPad screen by itself.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

IPads nowadays act essentially as a second computer. They run similarly to a regular computer and have file storage and web browser features that mimic laptops or desktops. I personally love to use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with my iPad to convert my iPad to a computer. This is great for working on projects that require a mouse instead of pointing and clicking with your pen or finger. Being able to attach the bluetooth keyboard is also a fantastic way to help quickly type in your iPad. My favorite wireless and bluetooth keyboard and mouse set are from the brand Logitech. They have this adorable pink sad that you can buy together! I love the sound of this keyboard and the mouse is so easy to use!

Apple Pen Grippers/Skins

Another way to improve your handwriting on the iPad is by putting your Apple pen into a skin or gripper. These help you to adjust your hold on your hand as you are riding on your iPad. they come in so many different colors and fun textures to really help you create your own aesthetic and style. I like to use a style of gripper like this one here, that is for the entire pain. It makes it easy to pick up and right while I am creating on the iPad.

Overhead Tripod

I love to create all sorts of videos showcasing my planning, creating, and building new digital planners. The best way that I like to shoot these is from an overhead angle. This can be incredibly difficult to do with a regular tripod or your phone. I have found the best overhead recording tripod for digital planning. This one from Amazon has a heavy base so you can set it on your table and not have to clamp it on any surfaces. This means that you can pick it up and travel it between different locations or surfaces and if your table is too thick for a clamp it can just sit right on top. The material feels well-made, it is weighted and easy to use.

One of the best things about digital planning is that you can mix it up and change your style as you go! So if your aesthetic is pink and girly you'll be able to find accessories for that. Or if your aesthetic is neutral and clean and minimal you'll be able to find accessories for that as well. However, there are tons of other adorable accessories out there on Amazon and other websites that make it exciting to create an anesthetic for your digital planning setup.

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