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5 Reasons to Switch to Digital Planning

I am convinced that digital planning is the new way to get organized and is honestly the future of planning. Now if you're thinking, but I love my paper planner, it won't be the same... I was in your shoes a couple of months ago. I was convinced if I didn't write it down in my paper planner then it wasn't going to get done. Plus, I really think my reasoning behind this was that I was just loved purchasing new stationary supplies every year, like planners and pens.

However, if you haven't fallen into the world of digital planning yet, you're missing out. There are now digital planners for apps like Goodnotes5 that look and act just like regular planners (yes they have pretty covers and pages too!).

Here's an example of one of mine:

SEE?! How cute is that?! It's just like a paper planner, but now on your tablet!

Now, let's really get into some solid reasons to switch over from paper planners to digital planners.

  1. Convenience. Digital planners are typically used with apps that can be found on phones, tablets, and computers. Therefore you're able to access and add to your planner from any of your devices at any time. If you're out running errands and need to make a note, whip out your phone and type it down. If you had a paper planner you'd have to wait until you were somewhere you could pull it out and find something to write on it with, by that time I know I'd likely forget whatever it was I needed to write now.

  2. Erase, move, and resize features. With a regular planner if you mess up your writing then you better hope it was with a pencil so you can erase and redo. With digital planners there are tools that allow you to erase, rewrite, move, or resize your writing! Meaning mistakes and scribbles are a thing of the past. Have an important tasks that needs to be moved, simply drag it to your new desired date!

  3. Price. Paper planners tend to cost anywhere between $30-$70 and come with a set number of pages and layouts. Digital planners come in a variety of prices from $5-$40 and offer the same layouts plus more! You'll find most digital planners come with additional pages for finances, meal prep, note taking, and more.

  4. Unlimited Pages. At some point your paper planner comes to an end, usually when the year is over and you're unable to reuse it ever again. Digital planners offer undated and dated planners, but also can be edited to copy and paste additional pages so you essentially never run out of pages in your planner!

  5. Unlimited Stickers. If you are a sticker fanatic in your planner then girrrrl you are about to save some COIN! When you buy digital stickers they are usually cheaper and you can literally use them over and over, meaning you NEVER run out! All you do is buy it once and use it as many times as you like! Plus, you can store are your stickers in folders on your tablet so they are easy access when you're decorating your planner pages. Did you know you can also grab a free set of post it note stickers for your digital planner? All you need to do is join my email club and you'll get the secret code to access my freebie vault to download your new stickers! You can sign up for my email club in the footer of this webpage.

Ditching the paper planner and switching to a digital planner has so many benefits it's worth at least giving a shot if you haven't already! I personally made the switch and haven't looked back. I honestly never thought I'd be the person to say that digital planning is the only way I can plan now, but it's so true! Plus, the digital planner community is only getting bigger every day, so hop on the train and let's do the dang thing!

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